Writing Asides

I am debating on starting a side project that is an alternate history piece. I have a ton of small projects that I work poke at when I get stuck with my current main writing effort. My side projects are many and varied. Take a peek of what I have on the back burner.

1. Retired assassin who gets back into the game. College professor and occasional spy, Mary Waters, has been out of the assassination game for years, ever since her twin boys were born.

2. Ryan C. Arrington, medically discharged Master Gunnery Sargent and now infected Werewolf. Ryan’s just trying to get his life back together and learning how to be a civilian again along with dealing with his new Werewolf instincts. When lone Were start turning up dead, Ryan is dragged into the investigation.

3. Steam Punk short story. Parasol. (Could turn into another novel.) When Rebecca’s bother disappears she starts tracking him down. In the process she interrupts a demon summoning and must deal with the consequences while running around Europe hunting her brother.

4. Fan fictions (Way too many to list.)

5. Re-writing my first novel, Triton College.



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