Just setting up my Amazon Author Page and skimmed over my recently viewed books. Research can really skew your reading choices and how your search history looks.

No, I am not a military history buff. Yes, I added 15 military history and biographies to my wish list. However, it’s all for research for a story I would like to eventually write.

(Yes, Mom. The Mother Assassin is a go.)

The point is that being an writer means that you do a lot of rather strange research at times.
What kind of armor would a commoner wear in the middle ages?
What kind of poison would be best to use in cooked food?
What kind of weapon and training would a sniper from the Vietnam era use?
What about spies in that time period?

Most stories mean that you spend hours, if not days of time researching various things. Everything from how war is conducted in various countries to how royal courts would be staffed and dinners run. Research can be a massive pool of distraction but it is also needed when you simply don’t know enough about a subject to write about it credibly.

The trick is knowing how much research is enough without falling into the pit of Wikipedia articles and Google searches.

It’s a fine line that leads to my web searches probably being flagged by the FBI but hey, that’s the price of being a writer, LOL.


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