November and NaNo is only a week and a half away. Is everyone ready?
I have been outlining and making character bios for the story I hope to use but I rarely keep working on the story I start with. Several years I have changed projects mid stream simply because the other project is flowing better and I am getting more wordage out of it.
Yes, the entire point of the process is to get as much wordage as possible, ignoring the content.  This means that your final draft for Nano is not even a draft. It’s draft zero once November is over.
The Mage’s Daughter was originally a NaNo novel. I did not win that year but it gave me about 40,000 words to work with. It taught me who my main character was and what they were going through. I took those 40,000 words and condensed them into about 20,000 words. rewriting them dozens of times before I eventually got the first half of my book and an ending I wound up scrapping and then later incorporating into part of the second book after more massive edits.
Would you recognize the original Nano in the final product? Of course. However in the five years since I started my journey with Mage, my writing has changed and I hope improved as I wrote and rewrote the novel.
NaNo is not a place to write a book to me, but it is a wonderful jumping off point. It gets you writing and that is often the hardest part.

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