6 Word Meters and Trackers for the Word Count Obsessed

Spontaneous ∂erivation

And what writer isn’t slightly obsessed by their current work-in-progress word count? I mean, apart from well-adjusted ones.

Well, I’m a little obsessed, sometimes. During NaNoWriMo, of course, my mind gets as focused as a diamond-cutting laser on little else….

Without further ado, here are six word count tracking utilities from around the web. The examples are drawn from my current Crime and Violins serial, which has been running almost regularly with 500 words per week.

1. Zokutou Word Meter

Update: Zokutou is no longer working.

2. Writertopia: Picometer and Progress Meter

Two different progress meters from Writertopia, one very slimline:

And one rather verbose and feature-filled:

including a mood for the cartoon character, who looks rather like a bean or potato:

The downsides to the Writertopia meters is, because the images are generated by a server, it’s probably going to fall over the first few days of…

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