I have been contemplating villains lately. Now that my first book is complete I am figuring out where I need to go in the second and here my villain gets to finally shine. I know that mine is rather flat. I pull him out and dust him off when I need him but he sits on the shelf the rest of the time. Need to get him a time line going and flesh him out a bit more. I am thinking a few chapters from his point of view at least.

I love Hannibal so much in the silence of the lambs books. He is cultured, human, and insightful but at the depths he is horrible and deadly. We want our villains to have horrible depths. History decides the Hero or villain. How do you define a villain? If Hitler had won and we all lived in a world controlled by him would he be seen as a hero or simply hated in private while extolled in public? Like in 1984 or V for Vendetta? Would be fun to write a story where both sides are lauded as heroes and you do not see who the actual hero is until the last page. Probably been done before.


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