Story idea

Air spirits or people Blessed by air who are used as assassins.

"The air Blessed were popular for assassinations and covert work for the older households for a time before they fell out of favor. The air Blessed are invisible as long as they are in motion, the only way to detect them was to force them to be still long enough."

"Why did they fall from favor, Uncle?"

"Well, would you want an invisible servant running around the house?" His Uncle said with a chuckle. "There is a family here who has the Blessed running in their bloodline, Air, earth, even a few fire Blessed. There is at least one a generation, this generation there is an air Blessed who is looking for employment. She will be presented to the major houses in a few days for a demonstration of her skills. I would like for you to accompany me."

"Uncle…why would you want me to attend." he stuttered, "I know I have disapointed the family with my change of studies. Why would you want to be seen supporting the black sheep of the family?"

"Come now, Charles, while your Father may be dissapointed in your chosen profession, it is still a distinguished field of study. You are still a valued member of the family and I would be honored to have you by my side in the High Court." He said clasping his nephew’s shoulder for a moment. "Any way, I may come to have use for your services in the next few weeks if things go as I hope."

"How so, Uncle?"

"You are aware that I am one of the appointed Royal Historians, yes?"

"Yes, Uncle, Father often remarked on the honor it bestowed on our family when you were selected." he said dryly. His Uncle winced and gave a small chuckle.

"Believe me, the position is a boring one, full of research and writing reports. The only interesting subject I have been allowed to study is that of the Blessed. I have become something of an expert of the subject and have been promised a chance to interview the Air blessed once their house has been chosen."

"That is quite an coup, Uncle. How will I be helping, I doubt you will need someone who knows how to do cartography."

"While I doubt there will be maps to draw, I will need you nephew. The Air Blessed is close to your age and will not be as forthcoming to an older gentleman as to one closer her age. You will be holding the interviews after I introduce you."

"Uncle! I cannot! I have no court training or even knowledge of the Blessed!"

"Calm yourself, Charles. The one thing I have in abundance is knowledge. I will get you started in the study of the Blessed this week and provide you with questions that I want answered however I mainly want you to simply go and talk to the girl. She will have little court training either so you will be on a level with her on that."


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