Writers Block: Just Write

I hate when I get stuck on my novel or current project. Sometimes you just have to step back from a piece, set it down and walk away for a while. However there is always the times where you want to write, carve out the time, sit down and spend the next hour on the internet or staring at a blank sheet of paper.

The dreaded Writer’s Block.

So far the only cure I have found for this is to write. Counterintuitive, I know.

But when you are stuck on something you need to remove your normal limiters. You cannot say but this writing sucks…Well, at least you are writing. You have to suspend your inner editor and just churn out the word counts to get something on the page. It will not be your best work, heck it probably will not be your worst work, but it will be progress.

I have been stuck on my novel for a while. In that time I have churned out several scenes and two chapters that will never see the light of day. I have written short stories galore and poetry like I was bleeding it out. I am not getting a lot of work done on my novel but I am writing and that is a start.

My trick is to pick a scene you need to work on and just start writing out a synopsis of how you want it to do. This is bare bones dialog and descriptions. Don’t try to fluff anything just get it down. Leave that alone for a few days then pull it out and rewrite it adding the fluff. Instant rough draft. That give you a starting place to push-off from.

The only other trick I have is to write out one sentence for a scene. Then start writing out notes on the scene, fill in the gaps. It does not matter how choppy or idiotic it sounds, you are getting words on the page. Once you have a page or two worth, shelve it for a few days before you rewrite that version.

That’s the only advice I can give; Write.


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