“What do you mean help?” she said with a slow smile, lazily strolling around the bed.
“Come on, help me out of this, Liz. I swear someone slipped me something at the party and the next thing I know I am waking up chained to the bed.” the man pleaded, worrying at the leather lined cuffs pulling him spread eagle on the black sheets.
She wandered over to the low dresser and picked up one of the various toys and implements lined up with OCD precision across the dark wood.
“Someone had one heck of a party planned, Scott.”
“Yeah, pity I wasn’t invited.” he drawled sarcastically, “Do you see the keys?”
“No, no keys.” she murmured as she riffled through the toys, a ball gag, massage oil and lube, a flogger made of black leather, a blindfold. She glanced back at him, his skin gleamed with rubbed in oil. He lay naked before her, muscles rippling as he twisted against the bindings, yet his member lay flaccid between his legs. That would not do.
“What do you think this is?” she asked picking up one of the dildos, its surface covered in bumps and ripples. She ran her hands over the ridges, stroking it. Turning it on she ran it along one arm before sliding her hand up and down it, like she was stroking a cock. Glancing at the long mirror she watched Scott as she explored the toys.
Stepping back for a moment she pulled the tails of her shirt out of her jeans and started to unbutton her shirt.
“What are you doing?” Scott asked in a high panicked voice.
“It’s hot in here. Don’t worry. I have a tank under this.” she said pulling the shirt off and revealing the black tank top underneath. She pretended to ignore how his cock was twitching and slowly swelling with blood. She knew her large breasts were outlined by the tank top, nipples poking at the material. Taking a small bit of mystery cream on one finger she raised it to her nose, a soft scent of mint and something herbal filling her lungs as she inhaled. Taking more of the cream she rubbed it along her arms and across the exposed tops of her breasts.
“So there’s no key.” she said, trying to gauge his reaction. Walking over she sat on the bed next to him examining the cuffs. Leaning over him she let her breasts accidentally push against his chest and face as she tugged at the other cuff. Before sitting back. “Well, whoever did this has to show up eventually. Guess I can keep you company till they get here. Are you cold?” she asked stretching out against his side and pillowing her head on his shoulder.

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