Writing Prompt

Working on my short story for the piece below. Don’t think I have nailed it yet. Will post the results when I get done.


Every rebel has his or her galactic dictator. The gallant young gentleman has his moustache-twirling railroad binder (not to mention the sweet thing tied to the tracks). The cheeky highwayman and the corrupt sheriff. For every good guy we root for, there’s a villain. And some of us have always found the villains sexier than the heroes. How many villains are really evil–and how many are just trying to change the status quo, a la Doctor Horrible? Maybe they’re just misunderstood. Or maybe they are evil, but hey, there’s always someone getting gooshy for the bad boy, even if it’s just for one night. Or maybe one knight. We’re looking for stories that show every dichotomy has TWO sides, and it’s time for the attractions and enticements on the villain’s side to be examined. Circlet Press welcomes sex-positive stories of all sexualities and preferences.




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