Flash Fiction (literary+)

Write a flash fiction – a complete story which is 300 words or less, starting with the opening line your partner gave you.
You were never alone in Ark 25.

The chatter and clamor of a hundred voices filled the room. A wall of screens showed a kaleidoscope of faces, each speaking, adding to the din. You were not supposed to be able to change the displays volume but he had long ago figured a work around. The voices were driving him nuts.

Spending twelve hours a day at his console gave him a lot of free time. The recordings were meant to compensate for being alone. Each operator was given a module on a remote planetoid and left for seven years. You received news once a month, sending your progress updates at the same time, otherwise you were left alone.

He was ahead of schedule with the robotic mining by almost two years now but he still would be here for another five years. He had accepted the position in order to work on his writing. Seven years of mind numbing work and all his free time would be alone to work on his book. He never thought he would finish so quickly. Two years in and he had written three books and dozens of short stories, he wrote essays and poems that filled his drive space. He had five more years and nothing left to say.


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