Ugh…a sleepless night, but you get to enjoy the fruits of it.

The small house fairies, the gnomes, brownies, and goblins, watched at the new person moved in. They peeked in boxes and fiddled with nick-knacks late at night when the woman was asleep. She did not leave them milk or offerings but she also did not ask for anything as some of the other had. Her dog was also a good one, not barking at them or chasing them. Instead it was content to watch and to guard it’s Mistress at night while they roamed the house.

This new tenant was a writer, boxes of books and papers vied for space along one wall along with the dishes and towels. Grey boxes of pens and pads of paper covered one corner of her desk.
They listened in as she talked on the phone to various people, learning a week early that she would be fogging for bugs, and leaving for a few days as a precaution. They returned to a house without the roaches and spiders they had grown used to.
The brownies, watched on with frowns as she slowly cleaned the house, a bit at a time each day. They did not approve of anyone who did not have a zeal for cleaning as they did, and they would not help till it was clear that she could do it on her own.
The goblins laughed at the woman’s clumsiness. She cut her hand re-potting plants, tipped a cup and splashed half the kitchen with soapy water while she was washing dishes, banged her knees and toes on every available surface.

Yet her main fault was her memory. She would leave things half finished as an idea struck or an unopened box presented itself. The task at hand would be abandoned, and not returned to for anywhere from a few hours to several days.

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