Fanfiction *Harry Potter*

Snape strode down a hallway his robes billowing out behind him on his way to the Headmaster’s office. Rounding a corner he met up with McGonagall. She gave him a small smile which he responded to with a short nod. Shortening his stride they walked side by side the last few corridors. Coming to the statue guarding the Headmaster’s office they joined the other heads who were waiting outside looking scandalized.
The headmaster’s voice and that of a woman’s could be heard screaming at each other from where they stood. The voices were too muffled to discern what they were saying but clearly it was not a polite conversation. McGonagall glanced at him and muttered, “Slytherin.” under her breath. Snape sneered, “Gryffindor, what Slytherin would be screaming at the Headmaster?” he asked raising an eyebrow.
Flitwick snorted softly before turning and asking Sprout about the latest batch of mandrake she was working with. A few moments later the voices died down. McGonagall stepped forward and said the password, before leading the group upstairs. Dumbledor called them in as they approached the door.
Inside Dumbledor sat at his desk, calmly watching them enter. A young woman stood on the other side of the office, between the door and the desk. A calm mask covered her features, only her flushed cheek betrayed that she had moments before been in a shouting match with the headmaster. She was buttoning the cuffs on her white shirt as if the sleeves had been pushed up during the “discussion” with the headmaster. Snape watched at the others conjured chairs and settled themselves, he picked an out-of-the-way corner to lean in.
“Perfect timing, please have a seat everyone. I would like to introduce Lorna McCray.” He said gesturing to the young woman. “She is seeking to apprentice with two of our teachers for the year.” Only a sudden stillness and hard eyed stare betrayed the woman’s shock. They clearly had discussed no such thing; Glancing at the others, he could see that McGonagall had a slight frown marring her face while the others seemed totally ignorant of the power plays underlying this meeting. “She is a Rune Master and has been apprenticed in several other disciplines. She will be staying at the castle for the rest of the year while she is her in the country.”
A quick round of introductions were made and a house elf called for tea. The girl looked barely in her twenties, much too young to have completed a mastery. Well, he had completed his potions mastery in his early twenties but still, runes was supposed to be a near impossible field to achieve a mastery in. That was why it was no longer taught at Hogwarts, there were only a handful of qualified people who had their mastery in the world. He knew of only two in Britain, and they both were so old as to be unable to teach.

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