Title: Red

I know they said it was a man that killed my mother and hurt me but all I see is the wolf.

Those glinting eyes and teeth flashing in the light as he lunged. Then blood, everthing was blood and pain.

I wake up a week later in the hospital with the cops asking me to describe the man who did this.
They did not believe me when I told them about the wolf.

Now even at twenty I wake up expecting to have his teeth at my neck.
Walking home from work I keep expecting to hear that soft snarl next to my ear, to see his eyes glinting out of the darkness.

I dream about that night. Me waiting up for my Mom to get home from work. Bounding to the hallway when I heard the key in the lock, watching as my Mother came in with a smile. Watching some looming shadow shove her hard into the hallway, mom falling with a suprised gasp. Then the wolf lunged.


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